Inspirational Provence Artists Tees

Inspirational Provence Artists Tees

The Provence Market is a creative local business that offers unique collections of Provence artists tees that are “inspired by Provence, designed by artists”. So when I was asked by owners Michele and Jean-Marie to model a few of the newest creations for their website, I was more than happy to volunteer! The sentiment behind …

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Provence Walking Tours

Just like you, I absolutely love to travel and immerse myself as much as possible in the culture of the cities that I visit. For example, my husband and I took a vacation to St. Petersburg, Russia a few years back with our two daughters. It was our first time to the country and a …

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Sightseeing In Aix-en-Provence

Recorded history of Aix-en-Provence spans more than two millennium, which makes a guided tour in this beautiful southern France village a delightful stroll through the centuries. Founded in 122BC by Caius Sextius Calvinus, a Roman consul, Aix-en-Provence was first known as Aquae Sextiae with its natural warm thermal water springs serving as a grand spa …

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