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Tour Guide Reviews Aix-en-Provence Erin Standing in a FieldI’ve had the good fortune to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world while giving tours of Aix-en-Provence, and I invite you to read through some of my tour guide reviews from Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook.

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Every now and then you meet a guide like Erin. Warm, friendly, engaging, responsive and thoughtful. Everything about this walking tour was well executed, from the booking to the payment and the activity on the day. My two girls and I spent a hot summer afternoon exploring the sites of Aix-en-Provence with her. She revealed the hidden treasures of Aix and was thoroughly knowledgeable about the history of this charming city. Being resident she was also able to offer information of a more contemporary nature such as good places to eat. We learned many things…from the tales of Good King Rene to the discovery of ancient churches to the evolution of Passage Agard to the city’s many oratory’s that adorn the buildings of Aix (and much more). She spoiled us with a special treat from Patisserie Béchard and took us to an authentic macaron shop where these delicious treats are freshly made daily. Thank you Erin! We loved spending the afternoon with you. I would highly recommend a tour with Erin if you are visiting Aix. It is good value for money. – Leigh C.

My husband & I booked a walking tour with Aixploring Provence. It was the perfect way to start our stay in Aix. Erin tailored the tour to our interests. Her knowledge of & love for Aix is apparent through out the tour. We loved spending the morning with her learning the history & lay out of Aix. She even brought us pastries from one of the local patisseries. I highly recommend her tour!! – Kerry M.

Erin did a great job explaining the history and culture of Aix-En-Provence. She was warm and friendly and gave us a lot of tips on food and shopping. This tour is highly recommended. It’ll give you a better appreciation of the city. – Reena M.

My adult daughter and I had the good fortune to spend an afternoon touring Aix with Erin. Her warm and welcoming personality, coupled with her knowledge of the city made for one of the best days on our trip. I would highly recommend her to anyone visiting Aix. – Janet I.

Erin’s tour was the perfect way to discover Aix en arrival. She is clearly passionate about her home town and her wealth of knowledgeable was impeccable. Lovely lady, highly recommend. – Meredith H.

We very much enjoyed our tour with Erin. We were a diverse group of nine, and Erin did a great job of providing a lovely overview of AIX. She started the tour by providing wonderful sweets for all to enjoy. If you want to get an interesting overview of AIX with a lovely person I recommend Erin. – Patti M.

Erin was a breath of fresh air. We’ve gone on a few other tours in France and were underwhelmed. Erin’s sweet disposition, vast knowledge and warmth made for an outstanding tour of Aix-en-Provence. We highly recommend her. – S. Family

Erin was a lovely host and we learned so much from her about the history of Aix. We highly recommend this fantastic tour. Our kids were engaged and interactive with Erin the entire time. Thanks again for everything Erin! We can’t wait to come back. – Brandy B.

We absolutely loved our walking tour with Erin! It was the perfect way to get a better feel for Aix and learn about the the history of the city. Erin was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed hearing her stories about moving to Aix with her family from the US. She also gave us great recommendations on where to eat, visit, have a drink/coffee, etc. Highly recommend this tour to others! – Sophie K.

In September, Erin took our family on a tour of Aix. She was so accommodating as to our wants and needs. Her knowledge of the history was amazing. She talked about places to eat, shop and areas outside of Aix to explore. I would highly recommend Erin’s services. – Kent M.

Erin was an exceptionally good guide who asked the right questions at the point of booking to ensure she tailored the tour to our specific needs. Every box was ticked and more and we had an amazing time in Aix in large part because of Erin setting us up so well on our first day. After spending 2 months in Europe Erin was the best tour experience we had during that time and we cannot recommend her highly enough if you are going to Aix. Thanks Erin from Stu and Kate from the other side of the world (Tasmania) – Kate

Wonderful morning with Erin in Aix. She has a wealth of knowledge about the city and the region, and was very engaging — with a great sense of humour (she even laughed at my husband’s jokes!). – Andrea W.

We loved our walking tour of Aix! Erin’s knowledge and love of the city was apparent – we could not have asked for a better guide. We covered a lot of area without ever feeling rushed, the flow felt leisurely and organic. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Aix! – Jason W.

I returned with my family to Aix after going to school there 50 years ago. Erin was wonderful! She took us around all the city and showed me parts I’d never seen before. Her knowledge of all the history and ability to take us places that I had only seen from the outside. She also gave us suggestions of places to eat and to visit. It was well worth having her as our guide. She was vivacious and took into consideration as to how fast we could walk at our age. Thank you so much Erin. Would recommend it to everyone for an overview of the city. – Jane H.

Wonderful morning spent with Erin! She is knowledgeable about the area, very interesting and personable. We felt like we “Aix”plored with a friend! – Frank S.

Erin is the perfect tour guide for Aix en Provence. As an American who moved to Aix, she understands a tourist’s point of view but she also knows the city better than anyone else. She gave us great tips and gently led us through the city’s highlights, while stopping to let our kids eat ice cream and explore. She is lovely, warm and knowledgeable. Highly recommend–a great launching point for our time in Aix. – Shana L.

Erin was truly fantastic. Not only did she provide a historical and educational tour through Aix, but she also was extremely friendly (and on time). She also took the time to give us restaurant recommendations and tips for the rest of our trip. Erin really went above and beyond for us. I will recommend her to anyone that goes to Aix!!  – Chelsea B.

Our tour with Erin was very enjoyable. She was enthusiastic, detailed, and always ready to answer our questions. Exploring Aix with her was the perfect way to open up our stay as it gave us better insight as to what activities and places would best fit our interests. – Annalee C.

Erin gave us a wonderful tour of Aix during our short stay! Our approach to the city following the tour was much more informed and confident. — Nathan S.

We hired Erin for a tour for the first day of our stay in Aix en Provence. The tour was fun, and full of useful information and interesting history. She noted our interest in a concert series and sent a link to us after the tour. Her suggestions for food and activities were great; one of our best meals in France was at a restaurant that Erin suggested we try. Highly recommended. – Catherine C.

My wife and I spent the morning with Erin on our tour of Ax-en-Provence and had an absolutely fabulous time. Not only did we learn the history of the town we were already enjoying but we also learned about living in France from her since she moved here years ago from the states. I have to admit it was refreshing to also have an American tour guide after several days in France and it made communicating so much easier. We highly recommend Erin and the city tour she took us on! – JT T.

My husband and I have just returned from a European trip which included several days in Aix en Provence and environs. We hired Erin Jordan of Aixploring Provence as a guide in the city. Although we have used Erin’s services in the past, there is so much to see and do in Aix and Erin’s knowledge of the area is so comprehensive, that we were confident a second tour would be as rewarding as the first one. We were not disappointed. Erin, an American who has lived in Aix for 11 years and is fluent in French, showed us parts if the city that we would otherwise not have been aware of, all the while detailing the relevant history as well as artistic and cultural references. Aix really came alive for us as the result of Erin’s knowledge and perspective. She is a charming, energetic, and welcoming host. We enjoyed every minute of our second tour with her! – Anne P.

I have taken this tour twice now, one with my family and one with friends. Each time I learned something new. Erin was full of answers to everyone’s questions and you could tell she is so proud of the city she calls home. The morning was not rushed, and we were able to take our time in this beautiful city. It was so nice to take this tour at the beginning of our vacation so we knew where we wanted to visit again!! She is the real deal. – Caren G.

Erin was our local guide for a full week of touring Aix and the surrounding region. She was a fountain of interesting and helpful information, from historical facts about the city, to the best vendors to seek out in the market, to how to put what we wanted to say into proper French. She’s a planning and logistics goddess, and an all-around delightful person. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone considering visiting the area! – Liesl L.

Erin was the most wonderful tour guide and from the first moment we felt we were walking around Aix with a very knowledgeable good friend! The 2+ hours we spent with Erin gave us invaluable insights into the beautiful town, not to mention the goodies we tasted and great recommendations for places to go etc. Cannot recommend this tour highly enough! – SharonMoshayof, Israel

My wife and I spent the morning with Erin on our tour of Ax-en-Provence and had an absolutely fabulous time. Not only did we learn the history of the town we were already enjoying but we also learned about living in France from her since she moved here years ago from the states. I have to admit it was refreshing to also have an American tour guide after several days in France and it made communicating so much easier. We highly recommend Erin and the city tour she took us on! – James T, Knoxville TN, USA

Excellent way to learn about my own city. I have lived here 11 years and found out some interesting facts and history of this beautiful town of Aix-en-Provence. Erin is a wonderful person who gave us (my cousin from Canada, my neighbor and I) an incredible tour . She is very knowledgeable and kind – one of the best tour guides I have ever had. – Carmen P, Aix-en-Provence, France

We don’t normally book tours but are so happy that we did this one. Erin in wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. We would have missed out on so much of Aix-en-Provence had we not done this. Erin is just one of those people that after a brief couple of hours, you feel like you have known forever! – jody, Pass Christian MS, USA

Erin is a warm and lovely woman with a deep love for Aix. Her knowledge of the area is amazing and she is so generous with her time, connections, and information. We met with her so we could prepare for our own relocation to the area and felt it was incredibly helpful; time and money well spent. At the same time, it felt like a wonderfully personal introduction to this beautiful place. – christinek10, New Paltz NY, USA

Just completed a lovely afternoon exploring charming Aix with our great guide Erin who is knowledgeable, friendly & accommodating. Lots of really useful tips from someone who obviously loves living in Aix. A great overview to enable us to pick what we would like to further depth should we wish to. Would highly recommend getting to know Old & New (16th century!!) Aix with Erin as your guide. Denise & David – Fussybutfair52, Melbourne, Australia

My husband and I spent 2 plus hours walking the streets of Aix with Erin. I can’t say enough about her. She was knowledgeable, very prepared , and so enjoyable. She tailored the walk to our interests. I would highly recommend her. – Lochstead

Erin is a lovely person and a very informative guide to Aix en Provence. She greeted us with cakes and when we parted, gave us a map of the sites we’d seen plus a list of restaurant recommendations. We’d already spent a day in the town when we met but Erin introduced us to little back streets and history we would never have discovered on our own. The tour lasted two hours and we considered the fee to be money very well spent. – HookedOnTravel255103, Dunsborough, Australia

Loved our visit to Aix-en-Provence thanks to our experience with Erin @aixploringprovence. She is super friendly and very knowledgeable about Aix and Provence. She had great recommendations about a few other villages to visit based on our interests in the arts & hiking, that we checked out & loved. Why wonder around getting lost, when Erin is available to show you the way….michele – TheProvenceMarket, Aix-en-Provence, France

We met Erin in the morning for our tour. She greeted us with pastries from the oldest working pastry shop in Aix. Quite a start and it kept getting better from there. Her tour really gave us a feel for this great city. We learned quite a bit. Her style is very casual making the tour a great escape from those large programmed tours. I definitely recommend Aixploring for your tour. – 643thomask, Cape Elizabeth ME, USA

We spent the afternoon on a walking tour with Erin Jordan exploring Aix. It was delightful! She is knowledgeable of the area and keenly share interesting facts and history. She introduced us to the most delicious pastries and macaroons ever made!! Easy going, flexible in her style and so friendly. Highly recommend this tour as an intro to Aix. – 123Presidency, Toronto ON, Canada

Erin is an American who has lived in Aix en Provence for years. She’s knowledgeable, flexible (we had a 7 year old with us) and the walking tour was fantastic. – Pedro_SF, San Francisco CA, USA

My husband and I were spending a few days in Aix and decided we wanted to learn a bit about the history and culture of the city. After searching around I found Erin’s web page and decided to book a tour with her. The communication to set up the tour was very efficient and Erin met us right on time at the appointed place which was just steps from our Airbnb. She even came bearing some pastries which was a nice touch. We proceeded to spend a couple of hours walking through the old and new parts of town. Erin gave us a good sense of the city as well as its history. She also provided excellent tips for which museums to visit on our own and even recommended a winery outside of town which we decided to visit and thoroughly enjoyed. Finally she gave us a restaurant recommendation and even took us inside to make a reservation in a great place which we would never have found on our own since it’s on top of what looks like just a cheese shop. I highly recommend going on a tour with Erin. – Paula H, Toronto ON, Canada

Erin is a wonderful guide. She is an American that has lived in Aix for ten years, and she did an awesome job. She offers tours that start at 9:30 am or 2 pm, each lasting 2.5 hours. The city of Aix is really charming. There is a university, so it has a hipster, college-town vibe in a Roman city that is 2,000 years old. Our guide Erin did a great job of mixing in the history of the city as well as the current local life. She helped us pick out great spots for dining and shopping later in the day. – sxworlando, Orlando FL, USA

Our group of 11 (3 seniors, 2 children – ages 5 and 7, 2 millennials, 4 forty-something’s) wanted to do a day trip to Aix from Nice and we were fortunate to book a tour with Erin. Communication to book and confirm the tour was effortless. The tour itself was magical. Aix is BEAUTIFUL! Erin provided a good balance of history, culture, and bits of information about what life is like in the area (especially from the perspective of someone who moved from the states). Erin is warm and friendly. We all had a good time and rate Aix as one of the best tours/cities we visited on our 12-day trip. The experience was like visiting with a friend who was sharing the hidden secrets of Aix. Make sure to bring a camera to capture picturesque Aix. – lyd_lopez, Miami FL, USA

My wife and I spent a fabulous morning with Erin. On our walking tour, we focused in the old city. Erin’s knowledge and love for Aix was readily apparent. We visited museums, public buildings, cathedrals and special food shops as well as got detailed information, insights and reviews. Erin is very personable and paced the tour to accommodate our needs. Erin also provided us with her list of best restaurants which exceeded our expectations! We would definitely recommend Erin and will hire her upon our return. – johnrkesslerjr, Columbia SC, USA

My friend and I booked this as the first activity to do on our arrival. We were very pleased with this walking exploration of City. We found Erin very knowledgeable and a love for the country. Our exploration, easy pace walk took us through the old and new Aix-en-Provence, historical highlights, monuments and buildings to note, plus much more. If you are visiting, this walking tour with Erin is a must. – KEDSNG, Vancouver BC, Canada

Thank you, Erin for an unforgettable experience! From the first moment we’ve met you it was clear how much you love and know the city. My daughter and I had a wonderful time exploring Aix with you! I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to wonder the streets of Aix, learn a little bit of history and marvel at the beautiful architecture! Thank you once again for such a wonderful tour! – Yelena E, New York USA

Of the many tours we’ve taken over the years our short time with Erin was by far the best. Being a true English speaking guide meant we were able to easily pass and receive information. Erin met us on time and provided information on topics of interest to us. Her help prior to our arrival meant my partner was able to have beauty treatments including a hair appointment which was much appreciated after weeks of non stop travel. To sum up our tour of Aix en Provence with Erin was outstanding in every regard. – Robert B, Sidney Australia

Walking tour through AIX was very nice, the easy living no rush was a nice change. The old architecture was amazing as usual in these parts. Grab a coffee and enjoy. – 40annm, Staten Island, NY USA

We had a lovely morning with Erin in Aix en Provence, she is knowledgeable, friendly and thoroughly delightful. Can’t recommend her too highly! – Juliasixt, London UK

We had a wonderful walking tour with Erin this morning. She greeted us with fresh pastries and we were off exploring this wonderful city. Erin was not only very knowledgeable but she answered our many questions and was flexible to the point where we stopped for coffee in a cafe mid-tour. If you visit Aix en Provence a tour with Erin is a must. – Lambie 1234, USA

We were struck by the vibrancy of Aix from the time we first arrived but Erin’s walking tour provided a historical and cultural framework to Provence and Aix. Erin, who came to Provence from the US West Coast, has a love and appreciation for the area which shines through her presentation. Strongly recommend this tour. – LoonsterCan, Burnaby, Canada

My husband and I recently returned from a trip which included Aix en Provence in its itinerary. We normally avoid tours of any kind, but 2 or 3 years ago friends recommended Erin Jordan of Aixploring Provence and we enjoyed her and her tour so much that we signed up with her again. We were not disappointed. Erin, an American who has lived in Aix with her family for 9 years, is not only bi-lingual, she is bi-cultural. Her love of everything French and the local area is obvious, as she bubbles with enthusiasm for her adopted home. She has become extremely knowledgeable about the city’s culture, including its history, art, music, food, even shopping. It seemed to us that, in every category, Erin had the best and most recent information. She strives to please her guests and to customize each and every tour to accommodate individual tastes and preferences. We highly recommend Aixploring Provence! – washingtonwolfcreek, Washington, USA

Without hesitation, I can heartily recommend a tour with the knowledgeable, personable and highly organised Erin. My husband and I (plus our 3 kids) will spend a sabbatical year in Aix next year – and, even though I have lived there previously many years ago, Erin planned a tailored tour of the town for us that was really helpful. Beyond the wonderful market, architectural and historical tourist information, she happily shared local tips for everyday living that will make a huge difference for our relocation. Erin’s friendly communication, willingness to answer questions and share insights began well before our tour, and has extended to our return to Australia. Book a tour with Aixploring Provence! – Bianca S, Australia

My husband and I visited Provence for my 50th Birthday from Tampa, Florida! We stayed in St. Remy de Provence and explored adorable towns each day. When I planned our trip, I knew how overwhelming it can be to explore a new city. After seeing Erin’s amazing reviews on Trip advisor, I knew she would be perfect for our guide in Aix. We met her in front of a yummy bakery in the morning and she showed us her gorgeous city. Right away, we realized how friendly and warm she is. She is extremely knowledgeable and pointed out so many amazing historical sites. We loved hearing her story about moving from the US to France with her family. Also, since I am an interior decorator, she made our tour specialized to show me many so many wonderful home decor stores! Erin’s tour is one of my favorite memories and I highly recommend her tour to anyone exploring Aix – 349kristinay, Florida USA

We explored Aix with Erin and learned so much about the city. Much of what we learned was not included in the travel books! Erin was very knowledgeable and also really easy to chat to. Aix is such a beautiful city, and to explore it with Erin is the perfect way to get to know about it’s history, architecture and other interesting facts. Erin explained about the markets, and gave us great recommendations for dining out! Many thanks Erin for looking after us so well. – QldKosta, Queensland Australia

We drove in from Cassis to spend the day in Aix en Provence for the first time. After finding ourselves completely lost in the traffic and congestion of the city center, we phoned Erin to suggest we might be late. She calmly navigated us in and waited patiently while we got our bearings. Erin provided a casual tour of the city, its history, the landmarks and many of the local merchants. It is the perfect way to be introduced to this beautiful place. Whether you are visiting for a day or a week, this is a great way to start your trip. Thanks Erin. – Chris F, Toronto ON, Canada

Erin’s tour came recommended by a friend and, boy, it did not disappoint! I would also recommend her tour. We were lucky because for our tour it was only the 4 of us – 2 adults and 2 kids – and Erin reached out before the tour and asked if there was anything special we wanted to see or do. The best part of the 2hr & 15 min tour (it goes fast and you can sit down at some points) is her vast knowledge of the place and its history and architecture. She points out things I would have walked right past. As the saying goes, “only in understanding is there appreciation”. You will not be disappointed if you take this tour with Erin. 2 quick tips = If you are coming from the north you can stop by Château La Coste winery (25 mins away). Nice place for lunch on the terrace while admiring a sublime Calder mobile. Also, as of August 2018 the city is tearing up the streets near the Rotonde so driving & underground parking is chaos (i.e. it takes about 20 mins just to wind your way down the car park) so get creative for where you leave your car or just get there early. Have fun! – CanadianDad_10, Vancouver BC, Canada

Erin is the perfect guide for touring central Aix-en-Provence. We met at 9:30 and spent two hours together seeing fabulous sites and learning about Aix. She was very knowledgeable and gave us great recommendations for restaurants, touring, and shopping while we were in Aix. Thank you, Erin! – suetemp, Seale AL, USA

What an amazing experience we had. Was my dream trip and came out to be more than that. The laid back relaxed lifestyle and beauty of small villages blew me away. – cantourist29, Toronto ON, Canada

I was able to enjoy Erin’s expertise once again in Aix! I wanted to explore the Saturday market and shopping in Aix with someone who knew her stuff. It was during Frances Soldes (sale) season so a big bonus!! What would’ve taken me many hours in hot sun, took just a few to be shown the best vendors to buy lovely souvenirs and stores for my budget to bring home to the states. During our shopping tour, Erin gave me tidbits of history and current plans for the different areas we passed. Big bonus-watching the World cup fans gather in the square to watch France play and win!! Great memories once again and wonderful company! Thanks Erin! – carenscuisine, Seattle WA, USA

We recently enjoyed a personal tour of Aix-en-Provence with Erin and we cannot recommend her highly enough! Erin’s tour provides a level of insight and personal experience with Aix that no guide book could ever provide. Her tour provides a through overview of the city, including historical, architectural and cultural highlights. She will gladly tailor the tour to meet your family’s interests. When Erin learned that our kids had a new-found love of an Aix-en-Provence specialty, nougat, she brought us to a lovely shop where we could see it being made and sample the many varieties that are offered by the store. Erin also helped us navigate the local farmers market, identifying the best vendors for the products we were interested in. Planning the tour was very easy. Erin answered all my emails promptly and the whole process was very transparent and straight forward. Taking a tour with Erin is like meeting up with an old friend to guide you around the city. I would not hesitate to recommend her tour. It was a top experience of our vacation in Provence! – grabaganssett, Newport RI, USA

After reading the excellent reviews, I contacted Erin about our upcoming trip with another couple. Erin responded quickly and inquired about our interests and dates. After scheduling our tour, I explained our limited time and asked for suggestions for restaurants and other activities. Erin was very helpful and descriptive about various possibilities. After several more emails she helped me refine our itinerary and she even made restaurant reservations for us. By the time we finally met on the tour several months later, it was like meeting an old friend. Erin’s historical and cultural knowledge made the tour so enjoyable. Since we were also intrigued by every day life as we allowed ourselves to dream we might be able to live their one day, she also answered all of our questions about modern day Aix and the education system. Whether you are planning on 2 days in Aix like us or 2 weeks, I highly recommend scheduling one of Erin’s ‘aix’tremeley interesting and enjoyable tours. – Julie K, Bay Village OH, USA

We had a very informative friendly tour today with Erin. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 1/2 hour tour we had wandered around yesterday on our own and didn’t really know what we were looking at Erin gave us all the history of the wonderful buildings churches and streets in her lovely friendly knowledgeable way. We now know where to go and what we are looking at. A big thank you Erin we will strongly recommend you to anyone who is coming to this beautiful Aix En Provence you brought it alive for us. And a big thank you for the gorgeous pastries you gave us yum yum. – Susanandmurray W, Wellington New Zealand

Erin led our family through a private tour of Aix En Provence. With the mixed group – grandparents, tweens and teens she was able to customize the tour so it had something for everyone and moved at an appropriate pace. Some historical and cultural perspective along with visits and tastings at the local market and calisson, macaron and nougat speciality shops. Her recommendations for future restaurants and the upcoming music festivals were also greatly appreciated. She also greeted us with a bag full of croissants and other pastries for tasting. Went over very well. – Kate K, USA

My sister and I booked this tour with Erin and it’s been one of our favorite things we’ve done in Aix en Provence! I’m here for a month and my sister was here for one week. I emailed Erin and had a response within the day and tour was scheduled. We had roamed around Aix for a few days before the tour but was so surprised by all the things Erin pointed out that I NEVER once noticed! She has wonderful knowledge of the history and fun stories about the city’s history. If there’s something particular you are interested in, Erin will cater the tour toward your interests. Plus she provides great recommendations for places to eat/visit/try if you are in the area for a bit more time. I love that I notice more of the city’s charm now when I walk around and it’s nice knowing I have a resource in Aix if needed. Definitely recommend!! – Dorothy K, USA

We had a wonderful time with Erin on our walking tour of Aix en Provence. Erin is originally from Seattle, has lived in Aix for many years, and is (of course) fully bi-lingual — happy to conduct the tour in either language, or both. She clearly loves the city and has an encyclopedic grip on its history, sociology, geography, along with an endless supply of great ideas for things to do and see. She is also a pleasure to be with — a great sense of humor, curiosity, and complete fluidity in changing topics to accommodate our basically non-linear way of thinking. She is raising her kids in Aix, so can be helpful for ideas for kids of all ages as well. We’ve found in general that hiring a guide deepens the experience of being in any new place, and Erin is absolutely at the top of her game. As you can probably tell, this is a rave. Erin is terrific. – 4evan740, Los Angeles CA, USA

A great eleventh hour decision to email Erin before we left the US for our trip to Aix. Amazingly she had availability and was prompt and efficient at responding to my emails. Strolling around Aix with Erin certainly has enhanced our already great opinion of the city. I especially loved the Quartier Mazarin and discovering the hidden gems and quaint buildings that are around every corner in this quieter section of Aix. Erin is articulate and enthusiastic about this area of Provence and a veritable mine of information about restaurants and other places to visit in the area. We took her advice to visit Chateau La Coste, a winery and modern art collection which we very much enjoyed. And her restaurant recommendations were amazing. We are 100% glad we booked Erin’s tour and wish her all the best for the upcoming summer season. One comment to anyone visiting Aix would be to check holidays..we visited the first weekend in May and many places were closed for the Mayday holiday. – usamacs, Palm Harbor FL, USA

When I booked our tour with Erin, I said I’d been to Aix a few times, and thought it was a nice place, but I didn’t really “get” the charm of the city. I didn’t know where to find the great food and charming corners. I didn’t know the history or the stories. Erin did a wonderful job of showing our little group of two couples the essence of Aix. In just a few hours she walked us through the best of the city, describing and explaining along the way. I only wish we’d been able to stay a few more days with our newfound knowledge and really enjoy Aix. I highly recommend Erin as a guide! – Kathy S, Camano Island WA, USA

Whether you want to take scents and flavors of local markets (try the olive tapenades and artichoke dip!), taste the best in Provencal treats (macarons or fresh caramels, mais oui!), or learn interesting tidbits about the architecture and history as you stroll through the cobblestone streets, Erin will give you what what you’re looking for in a tour in and around Aix-en-Provence. A self-confessed Francophile, this lovely transplant from the USA has made it her business to know what’s going on in and around Aix no matter what the season. Warm and engaging, you’ll love your time with her! I’d highly recommend making her your first booking upon arrival so you can get the lay of the land and enjoy all that the region offers with confidence and perspective, and make the most of your time in France. – Lisa T, Richland WA, USA

We arrived in Aix en Provence with very little knowledge of it and the tour with Erin was the perfect way to get the lay of the land. She is fun and friendly and combines the history of the region with practical recommendations re restaurants and shopping. Our stay in Aix has been immeasurably enhanced by meeting Erin, not least of which was hearing her inspiring story about following her dream and doing what it takes to make it happen. A must do!– Tracey S, Johannesburg, South Africa

My wife and I were very glad that we booked a tour with aixploring provence. Erin met us at 12 Cours Mirabeau in front of Patisserie Béchard and we proceeded on an interesting 2-hour walking tour. Erin did a nice job of describing the history and monuments of the city as well as talking about what it is like to live in the city. We found her to be friendly and engaging. She also gave us restaurant recommendations and tips on visiting the nearby village of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. I highly recommend her to give you a good introduction to Aix. I would also recommend that you go to a restaurant she told us about – La Fromagerie du Passage – and ask if Jérôme can be your waiter.– KS1Ks1, Atlanta GA, USA

Whether visiting Aix for a few days, a few months or relocating, we highly recommend a tour with Erin. We will be in Aix for 2 months and had already covered the old town on our own and thought we were pretty familiar with it. Wrong! Erin pointed out so many interesting features that we had passed without noticing. She is very knowledgeable and a has a delightful personality which shines throughout the tour. After the tour, she followed up via email to suggest several more things we might be interested in exploring. All in all a great day! – lmeurin, Calgary AB, Canada

Erin is an extraordinarily gifted tour guide. Not only does she know all the hidden gems in wonderful Aix, she’s extremely knowledgeable, superbly organized and completely up to date on the latest restaurants, shops and special events. I loved how she tailored the tour to my particular interests and peppered her presentation with plenty of fun facts. Even though I once lived in Aix and thought I knew it fairly well, Erin’s insights greatly enhanced my appreciation and enjoyment of the city–a totally delightful experience. Highly recommend! – LoveProvence2, St. Rémy France

Four of us spent 3 days in Aix-en-Provence before joining a river cruise in Avignon, and we truly enjoyed our walking tour of Aix with Erin. Her personal story of traveling to Aix, and then moving with her husband and two daughters from the states to this beautiful area is the stuff that dreams are made of! She revels in the stories and history that are everywhere in this charming city, made even more charming when seen through her eyes on a market day! Erin went out of her way to be helpful, even before our scheduled tour, suggesting restaurants or places to visit on our own. I will definitely call on Erin the next time we’re in Provence – and I certainly hope there’s a next time! À bientôt! – Susan C, Omaha NE, USA

Erin is beautiful, friendly, bilingual, knowledgable, full of interesting little details, and a great tour guide! You will not regret booking a tour with her!! – Heather C

A friend highly recommend for us to begin with Erin’s tour from Aixploring Provence and I am thrilled that we started off with her tour of Aix. We had a 4 day visit to Aix-en-provence and wanted to see as much as possible in the shortest time available. A definite must ! Her knowledge and understanding of the Aix and the greater En Provence is incredible. She put together the best of places to visit in our fleeting stay including restaurants and cafes! A must tour for any visitor. Thank you Erin xx – Helen T, Johannesburg, South Africa

Was an amazing trip with excellent guide. She was very well informed. Showed us places off the beaten track. Very interesting and nice. Fluent in French and English. Was a wonderful experience all together. – carinler0ux, Pretoria, South Africa

I was hesitant to book this tour because I was already spending a lot of money on day tours to other Provence sites, but when my plans changed to include a full day solo in Aix, I decided it was worth it for the company and educational experience it would provide. Erin exceeded my expectations – she was an absolute pleasure to spend time with and an expert on the history, culture, art, and architecture of Aix. I learned and saw so much more than I would have on my own. I have a newfound appreciation for a town I initially considered just a launching pad for my other touring, and now I’m raving about Aix to everyone I know. Erin helped me navigate the markets to get gifts to bring home to my family and friends, and our morning tour gave me direction and suggestions for how to spend the rest of my solo day in Aix – I ended up shopping, exploring, visiting the Hotel de Caumont’s wonderful Sisley exhibit, and eating an excellent dinner on the Cours Mirabeau, all with a greater appreciation and understanding of the town and its history. The tour itself was fantastic, and that it helped me figure out the rest of my day in Aix made it even more worthwhile. – Melissa B, New York NY, USA

Although my husband and I moved to Aix sometime ago, we decided to try out a tour with Erin. How happy we were that we did!!! Erin showed us a lot of places that’s we had never seen before. Her responses to question about the town and it’s history are so profound and in-depth. She is extremely friendly and also knows a lot about the Aixoise culture (food, markets, good bakeries, galleries etc). Thanks again, Erin! It was a true pleasure meeting you! Highly recommended! – Angeline E

There is no doubt that Aix is a special and beautiful place. My appreciation of it increased tenfold after taking the tour with Erin. Not only did she provide us with some really interesting historical information, but she also took us to some fantastic sites. It’s obvious that she has a genuine passion for sharing her knowledge about Aix with others which makes her tour something that everyone of any age can enjoy. She also has excellent tips on where to shop and where to find the best macaroons! – Sandy W, Glasgow, Scotland

We were visiting some long time friends in Aix and when I was told we were going on a walking tour…I was a bit concerned. WOW, was I wrong to make that bad assumption. Erin did an outstanding job keeping the tour informational, exciting and on point all while trying to keep the attention of our entire group (11 of us). My four children (ranging in ages between 8-16) all enjoyed themselves. Erin’s knowledge, passion and planning made for an outstanding experience…one that I can highly recommend as we look forward to another visit! – Sean K, Waterford MI, USA

Erin really has a love for Aix and knows so much great history. We toured with two families( the kids aging from 10-17). Everyone, of all ages, enjoyed this tour and loved her sweet personality and knowledge of the tour. We highly recommend Aixploring Provence tours with Erin. – Molly B

An informative tour of Aix. We all enjoyed seeing the historic sites and sampling some delicious macaroons and croissants. Erin and her daughter were very knowledgeable and friendly – fantastic tour guides. – RECEdson, Melbourne, Australia

Our family traveled to Barcelona for the holidays and planned a 2-day trip to visit the beautiful Aix-En-Provence, France. We normally do not seek the assistance of a tour guide, but Aixploring Provence was referred to us so we decided to contact them. Erin was extremely knowledgeable about the area and listened intently to our requests. We enjoyed our time in Aix so much more because of Erin…. many of the sites and information she shared with us we would of missed if we toured the town on our own. Aixploring Provence is a must if you are visiting! – Valerie A, Charlotte NC, USA

What can I say? This is a great way to see and learn about Aix, and everything of interest there! Led by an ex-pat so as a tourist you get an inside/outside view. We generally don’t do tours but this one is a strong exception! – Solveig P, Palm Springs CA, USA

We’ve toured with Aixploring Provence on every one of our recent trips to France. In each instance, Erin listened carefully to our requests and artfully designed a tour which exactly met our needs and desires. With Aixploring Provence we have, for example, enjoyed the delightful Musee Caumont on the day it opened, dined at little known cafes and bistros in the tiny, charming back streets of the centre ville, shopped for those unparalleled French fashions and timeless linens typical of the area, and, with Erin’s help, bargained for antiques at open air markets. Because she has lived in Aix for years and is fluent in French, Erin is able to impart fascinating details about historical and cultural sites. We’ve also had great success with trips through the surrounding countryside based on Erin’s detailed suggestions. Those have included hikes, wineries, tours of charming villages, and much more. – Anne P, Winthrop WA, USA

Our family of four were fortunate to visit Aix last Spring and heard about Aixploring Provence through very dear friends. We loved every minute we were with our tour guide Erin and learned so many things we would have not had we been on our own or reading a tour book. My children still talk about the stories we learned from the time of plague to the history of Aix and its interesting inhabitants. You can tell when someone has love and pride for the place they live in the way they talk about it. We all got the sense that Erin feels this way about her home. I will continue to recommend Aixploring Provence to anyone I hear heading that way. – Caren G, Seattle WA, USA

After discovering that I would get to spend a couple of days in Aix-en-Provence, I was happy to find this tour online. I contacted Erin and she immediately sent me information and we set up our tour. Erin is very knowledgeable about this beautiful city and shared many fun and interesting facts as we walked. She made our stay much more interesting! I highly recommend booking a tour with this charming and energetic woman. Thanks for the macrons Erin, they were delicious! – Deanna J, Fredricksburg, TX USA

I have known Erin personally for over a decade. I can without a moment of hesitation say that she is the best possible person to guide you around Aix, or anywhere in the surrounding area. Her passion, dedication and vast knowledge is evident in everything she does. She is the MOST pleasant person to be around, and she is organized beyond compare. You would be lucky to have her show you around this beautiful, fascinating part of France! – Heather M, Seattle, WA USA

Erin’s familiarity and enthusiasm for Aix is evident. We had a group of 11 people with varied interests and ages, yet Erin was able to keep all of us engaged with information and entertaining background. Her firm grasp of key historical events, coupled with her charming personality, made for an incredible tour. As a bonus, take all of her restaurant recommendations seriously, you won’t be disappointed. – Greg B, France

After 10 years in the US, I moved to Aix-en-Provence, an area I did not know at all. Erin has been wonderful guiding me through the city and making me discover hidden gems and helping me feel at ease in Aix. She knew exactly what (after living in the US) my expectations were – and this was incredibly valuable to me ! Erin is absolutely lovely and you can truly feel her passion for the region and her activity. – Marie-Laure B, France

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