Saint-Tropez Day Trip From Aix-en-Provence Yachts in Marina

Saint-Tropez Day Trip From Aix-en-Provence

Saint-Tropez is located on the French Riviera, and around a 2-hour drive from Aix-en-Provence. The travel time can vary depending on the traffic congestion getting into the small seaside port, and during peak tourist season can take up to an hour longer. Parking could be a bit of a challenge depending on the time of year, but there are a number of garages and pay lots to choose from with only a short walk into the center.

How To Get From Aix-en-Provence To Saint-Tropez?

Get From Aix-en-Provence To Saint-Tropez MapThe best way to get from Aix-en-Provence to Saint-Tropez is by car, as there is no train or bus service between the two. For much of the drive you’ll be on large autoroutes (freeways), which are tolled so have either coins or a chip credit card ready because the electronic booths don’t accept paper money or card pins. As you get closer to Saint-Tropez, you’ll take winding local roads (not tolled), passing through stunning scenery and quaint neighboring villages.

A Brief History of Saint-Tropez

The glamorous seaside village dates back to ancient times, and has played an important role in the cultural and economic development of the region. In the early days, Saint-Tropez was a small fishing village and a popular trading port for the Romans. Over the centuries, it became an important stopover for sailors, fishermen, and merchants traveling between Italy, Spain, and North Africa. In the 19th century, Saint-Tropez began to attract artists, writers, and intellectuals, who were drawn to its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

More recently, it has gained worldwide fame as a glamorous playground for the rich and famous. The town has became synonymous with luxury and excess, super yachts, designer boutiques, and high-end restaurants filling the streets. Yet the town has managed to preserve its traditional charm, and remains a popular destination for all vacationers seeking a taste of the good life on the French Riviera.

Things To Do:

  • Saint-Tropez Harbor – The hub of the village, where you’ll find welcoming bistros, shops, and super yachts docked in the marina
  • Daily markets – On Tuesday and Saturday mornings in the Place des Lices, you can wander the many regional products such as olives, local fruits and vegetables, and clothing from local artisans under the shade of the plane trees
  • Plage de Pampelonne – One of several nearby beaches and perhaps most associated with Saint Tropez. Bring your swimsuit, layout your towel on the long sandy shore and linger over lunch at a beach club
  • Citadelle de Saint-Tropez – The citadel was designed and constructed in the 1600’s as a circular courtyard only accessible by a drawbridge
  • Perusing the boutiques – There are a wide range of offerings in the shops, from chic to souvenirs and everything in between


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